Ugly Christmas Sweaters in stock at METROPOLIS!

Clink the picture to buy Xmas sweaters on line

CLICK the picture to BUY X-Mas Sweaters ONLINE!

It is that time of year again!  Oh, Holy Night of taking pictures and looking goofy in ugly   Christmas sweaters.  We here at Metropolis Vintage have a HUGE selection of MEN’S and WOMEN’S sweaters just for you and your Christmas party. Hundreds are in stock, BUT if last year was a indication, the best ones are not going to last. So . . . all you uptown folks in need of an ugly sweater to impress your boss or office crush take that downtown train to Metropolis Vintage 43 3rd Ave NY,NY 10003 (212)-358-0795 and pick one out.  For all the SANTACON revelers out for a good time, a Christmas sweater is a great cheap costume for that all-day drinking binge.  Those bright festive colors mask stains very well.  Below is just a small sample of what we have in stock at our Manhattan Store.  Remember – the early bird gets the best Christmas Sweater.

Merry Christmas!!!


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Come one, come all to New York Night Train’s SOUL CLAP DANCE OFF, happening  tonight!  Witness the debut of the new supergroup WOLFMANHATTAN PROJECT featuring members of THE CRAMPS, THE GORIES, THE GUN CLUB, SONIC YOUTH, PUSSY GALORE, NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS and THE DIRTBOMBS!   METROPOLIS VINTAGE will be giving away $75.00 in store credit to the second place winner of the Soul Clap Dance Off!  First band at 8pm, dance off at Midnight!  All at the Bowery Ballroom: 6 Delancey Street, NYC.  See you there!



That’s right!  METROPOLIS VINTAGE is having our annual BLACK FRIDAY SALE on NOVEMBER 25th.  It’s 20% off every item in the store, so stop in and grab that special piece you’ve been thinking about all this time!


Are you a MARLBORO Man or Woman? Apparently, the mighty macho Marlboro was initially sold as a woman’s cigarette, with an emphasis on it’s smooth, delicate flavor and the tagline “Mild As May“.  Soon enough, though, cigarette health studies rolled around.  Suddenly, in the 1950’s, MARLBORO flipped, marketing it as the ultimate cowboy cigarette.  Naturally, any unhealthy side effects became no match for the modern cowboy or his mustache.  Well, we can guarantee there are no harmful side effects to picking up one of our vintage MARLBORO T-SHIRTS at Metropolis Vintage, except for extreme jealousy that is!  We’ve got a full pack waiting on the rack, with other classic cig brands such as Kool and Winston mixed in.  Come on down!

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At the moment I’m pressing this button, there’s only one month left until Burning Man 2016.  The countdown is on!  Missing that extra something special to make you stand out in that desert of freewheeling, freeloving, costumed hippies, steampunks and madmen?  We’ve got a full supply of cool, unique items here at Metropolis Vintage.  Come down and perfect your look today!

The clock is ticking!  Get down to Metropolis Vintage and find that one-of-a-kind-item!


METROPOLIS VINTAGE – Where Past Meets Present & Future

Metropolis Vintage is your go-to source for all things of the past that resonate with today’s cutting-edge culture.  Constantly and consistently, we are out there on the road, mining for exactly the right pieces for our store’s collection.  Recent fashion sensations such as  Fear Of God have built an empire upon recycling and re-branding vintage tees and classic vintage items.  Come visit us at Metropolis Vintage as an authentic, affordable alternative.  We’ve been in the business for 25 years and it shows.

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Spread The Disease in your vintage ANTHRAX T-Shirt!


Reigning skate-thrash-metal heroes Anthrax are known for popularizing many things – including but not llimited to the shorts and sneakers look, Not man, the word “Mosh”, Judge Dredd and 2000 AD comic books, various horror films and authors, indians, and the weird, long goatee.   Most of these iconic things are depicted, in true hieroglyphic folk fashion, on their T-Shirts throughout the years.  It will be all future generations have to go on in hundreds of years time.   Luckily, Metropolis Vintage has a massive collection of Anthrax T-Shirts waiting for you right now!

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NYC’s Largest and Best Selection of PRIEST

Calling all Turbo Lovers!  We’ve got tons of classic Judas Priest T-Shirts in all states – sleeveless, torn, shredded, or virgin and waiting to be destroyed.   Plenty of leather jackets as well if you’re hell bent on Halford and Company’s official material!

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Peace Sells . . . MegaDeth T-Shirts sell more at Metropolis Vintage

As Lucifer was cast down from heaven, so was Dave Mustaine exiled from the mighty Metallica to form the legendary Megadeth.  On the fifth day, the dark underlord said, “Let There Be Music”.  There was.  Dave then exclaimed, “Let There Be Merch!”  There was.   Where can you find many of these holy Megadeth T-Shirts these days? We’ve got an entire section devoted to Megadeth at Metropolis Vintage.  Full variety of Megadeth T-Shirts, from old and rare to relatively newer.

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KOЯN T-Shirts – Not banned at Metropolis Vintage

Pioneers of the Nu-Metal sound, KOЯN have their fair share of supporters and detractors.  Just ask Michigan teenager Eric VanHoven, who, in 1998, was suspended for wearing a KOЯN shirt deemed too unsafe for school.  Assistant Principal and non-music critic Gretchen Plewes described the band as “indecent, vulgar, obscene and intends to be insulting”, but the band donated hundreds of t-shirts and gave them away for free outside the school doors.  While our KOЯN shirts aren’t free, we’ve got a huge selection here at Metropolis Vintage and certainly don’t object to you wearing one around our store!

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