The BOSS at Metropolis Vintage


Everybody’s got a Hungry Heart . . .” sang The Boss, in a song he originally wrote for THE RAMONES. However, not every fan has a fine vintage Bruce Springsteen T-Shirt in their hands. Metropolis Vintage has our fair share of tees, with many of Bruce and the E-Street band  from their glory days of yesteryear.   By the way, the above photo is our pal, Metropolis customer Christy in a shirt she picked up a few days before running into the man himself.  Stop by our store, open 7 days a week and you may get just as lucky!

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Alice Cooper T-Shirts for Billion Dollar Babies


What Has He Got . . . That Makes You Want To Love Him? Is It His Body?  Something He Might Be?  Something Inside Him? Regardless, put a vintage Alice Cooper T-Shirt on YOUR Body here at Metropolis Vintage!  Open at 11am everyday.  By the way, we do also have a few snakeskin items available. Shhh!

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You can’t beat vintage MICHAEL JACKSON T-SHIRTS from Metropolis Vintage

It was at a lone truck stop on a vintage seeking roadtrip when we heard that Michael Jackson had passed. The King Of Pop may be gone but his T-Shirts will live forever. Here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE, we have an almost endless supply of vintage MICHAEL JACKSON T-Shirts. From the Jackson 5, to Thriller, to the Jacksons reunion tour,
they have all passed though these racks.  Stop by and grab one for yourself!

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It’s easy to become a sharp dressed man in a ZZ TOP T-Shirt from METROPOLIS VINTAGE!

ZZ TOP. That would be Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard – and a band that has been rocking beards approximately forty-six years before this hipster craze.  Amazingly enough, they’ve been around and have held the same lineup since 1969, though many of their hits hit in the mid-eighties.  Whatever the status of your facial hair might be, you too can own a vintage ZZ TOP T-Shirt provided by your friends here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE.  Since we’ve already used the most obvious cliche in the title of this post, we’ll spare you any more and just say that we’ve got an entire selection dedicated to the bearded boys, so stop in and have a look!

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NIRVANA T-Shirts are in bloom at Metropolis Vintage


Calling all Flower Sniffin’ Crack Smokin’ Baby Kissin’ Satan Worshippin’ Corporate Rock Whores!  NIRVANA and “grunge fashion” have long ago torched the airwaves and runways, yet as Kurdt would have it – or probably not – the NIRVANA tee remains a popular staple of rock T-Shirts worldwide.  The Nineties comeback would seem to be in full effect, so feel free to pair any one of these with a ski cap and flannel and you’ll surely be mistaken for an extra from “Singles”.  We’ve got quite a few of these waiting down at METROPOLIS VINTAGE, so wander in anytime and find your favorite –  be it Crack Smokin’ or Kitty Pettin’!

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ROB ZOMBIE T-Shirt Massacre at METROPOLIS Vintage


House Of 1,000 Corpses. The Devil’s Rejects. The Lords Of Salem. You may know him as the mastermind behind these films or as a leader of WHITE ZOMBIE, but there’s no denying that Rob Cummings, a.k.a ROB ZOMBIE grabs your attention with both hands and squeezes tight. They’re’ll be no ignoring you when you grab one of our fine ROB ZOMBIE T-Shirts from a rack at Metropolis Vintage!  If you prefer to take your emulation a bit further, we also have a massive selection of denim, boots, and lots of ’90s gear.  Please note: Dreads and white makeup are your responsibility!

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Walk This Way to METROPOLIS for a vintage AEROSMITH T-Shirt!


Who would possibly have the gall to attempt to give Kiss a run for their money on that “world’s greatest rock band” title?  Sure enough, it’s AEROSMITH.  That wacky, double-entendre loving outfit with the singer whose mouth could swallow the world.  They’ve endured over quite a long period of time, and have had just as many shirts to mark the various points of their rock journey over the years.  We always have a plentiful supply of AEROSMITH T-Shirts in stock, as well as Kiss, so come on down to METROPOLIS Vintage and cast your vote!

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Attention!  We at Metropolis Vintage have recently unearthed a cache of military uniforms, complete with apparel.  The finest of quality, shiniest of buttons and  best of fabrics are utilized and they look great for any occasion – be it service, marriage or Burning Man. March down to METROPOLIS and pick one up!

Enjoy those Blue Skies with an ALLMAN BROTHERS T-Shirt!


THE ALLMAN BROTHERS are alive and well at Metropolis Vintage! While sliding shirts through the racks of our large rock T-Shirt section, you’ll soon come across Duane, Gregg and Dickey, together again.  These titans of southern rock will ride along with you wherever you may be when you score one of our vintage Allman Tees.  Head down to Metropolis and take your pick!

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johnny cash

He may be the man in black but we’ve got quite a few different varieties of JOHNNY CASH T-SHIRTS waiting here for you.  Act fast and you may even grab one of the famous “middle finger salute” versions!  Walk the line down to METROPOLIS VINTAGE and make your choice now!

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