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CK Sweatshirts are here to heat you up!

It’s getting cold out!  Wondering how to wear Calvin Klein during the winter months? We’ve got vintage CK sweatshirts in stock for all shapes and sizes.  Whether you look like a ’90s CK model or not, METROPOLIS VINTAGE has something for everyone.  Come visit our shop downtown or check out out online store on ETSY.  Would you rather look like one of the shapeless masses wrapped in an ill-fitting puffy coat  with a hat and ten scarves?  We didn’t think so either.  Wrap yourself up in those initials and look cool while keeping warm!

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CARHARTT JACKETS are ready for your Winter Fun!


Here in New York City, it’s definitely CARHARTT weather outside!  Want to spend a chilly night rushing from door to cab to club and back again?  We didn’t think so.  Grab one of these CARHARTT JACKETS and you can stroll down the street, properly warm – yet calm, cool and collected – while everyone else is scurrying about.  These stylish, durable jackets originally came from Detroit, where the company started producing work overalls for railroadmen back in 1899.  Unbelievably, CARHARTT has remained a family-owned company for the last 115 years, as it’s still owned by the descendents of founder Hamilton Carhartt.  METROPOLIS VINTAGE stands as a testament to the lasting quality of the CARHARTT jacket as  we have a good collection here, still waiting to protect you against the winter elements!

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As the legend has it, one year at his annual yachting birthday party Ralph Lauren received a teddy bear in his likeness, dressed ears to paw in miniature Ralph Lauren garb. He was so charmed by this gift, instantly smitten, and it looked so much like him that he decided to produce a line of miniature teddy bears for sale to discerning customers looking for a stylish cuddle. These furry Ralph Lauren surrogates soon proved to be incredibly popular with adults and children alike. Who among us was a Polo bear baby?
Demand grew and it was soon clear that this was simply not enough. Lauren knew he had to up the ante and 1991 found RL debuting his latest creation – sweaters proudly emblazoned with his beloved bear, soon to be christened the POLO BEAR.  The public was overjoyed and snatched them up in all forms. The bear was a true style icon and was depicted in all manner of guises, dressed as a doctor, lawyer, fireman, you name it. Everyone loved the bear icon, but possibly the greatest supporters of all time was a legendary Brooklyn street gang named The Lo-Lives – as in “PoLO-LIVES” – who ONLY wore the most rare of Ralph Lauren Polo Bear items they could find. METROPOLIS VINTAGE has just acquired a serious amount of prized POLO RALPH LAUREN items of a variety of styles, some with the Polo Bear, some not, but all have that refined style known and prized by Ralph Lauren aficionados from the yachts to the streets and back again.

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Take A Trip Through The METROPOLIS T-SHIRT Department!

photo 1

Today we visit the world of the METROPOLIS VINTAGE T-Shirt department in honor of our current in-store T-Shirt sale: Purchase one tee and receive HALF OFF another T-Shirt of $65 value or less.  In contrast to the oft untamed wilds of other shops T-Shirt sections, the staff here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE has painstakingly organized our diverse selection of shirts into a host of different categories.   CARTOONS bleeding into the Motor Cycle section?  Classic Rock mixing with PUNK?  We can’t have that!  Here we showcase a few random pulls from some of our popular sections to show you what we’ve got.  Come on in anytime and find some cool tees for yourself or a loved one! There are many more shirts of all styles and designs than can be shown here!



photo 3 photo 4

If you don’t live in the area, or even if you do, check out the T-SHIRT section on our ETSY site HERE!  We ship INTERNATIONALLY!

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 Overalls have come a long way from the cliche image of the farmer and the oil-stained on-duty mechanic!  Though versions were used as early as 1792, overalls as we popularly know them (the “bib-and-brace” style) came into effect around 1891.  After decades of hard work,  the durable denim overall came into fashion, evolving from cornfed to cool.   What once was protective gear for WWI-era mothers working in factories became a staple for the earth mother of the 1960’s and beyond.  Even the ’90s found overalls being repopularized by Hip Hop artists such as Tupac and Kris Kross.  Suddenly, they’re back.  Once again, we here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have anticipated the trend and have a wide selection of overalls for you, from the traditional dark denim variety, to the popular “Shortalls” or “Skirtalls” which have been cut into shorts or modified to become a dress.  Perfect for summer wear in the country OR the city!

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Versace Inspired Silk Shirts

VersaceErron (66 of 88)

Oh what a night it was when I went out on the town with a silk shirt, can remember the details but the next day the smell of a beautiful perfume was drenched all over of the shirt. Oh what a night

We still a awesome selection of Versace inspired shirts in our retail store and we just listed many in our etsy store so come take a look and start to make some memories

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90’s PLATFORM SHOES are on the rise again!

Ahh, the “alternative” 90’s – bygone era of grunge.   My father used to tell me how the music was louder and grittier, flannel was warmer, facial hair wasn’t that ironic, girls were taller . . . or were they?
He lies a lot. Perhaps it was the abundance of amazing PLATFORM-style boots and shoes that were on the feet of all those girls pounding the pavement outside the local rock clubs and coffee shops.
At METROPOLIS VINTAGE, we’ve got a great variety of all those shoe/boot hybrids from brands like STEVE MADDEN, SODA, LOWER EAST SIDE, L.E.I., RAMPAGE, PRIMA, MURO and more.  Stop into the store anytime or have a look through our ETSY site HERE.


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It’s that time of year again when beaches and barbecues abound here in New York City. As THE RAMONES sang, “The Sun Is Out And I Want Some . . . ” and we here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have just received a new shipment of cool vintage sunglasses for you. Our shades have always been big sellers, but now we’ve got a host of interesting new styles that range from 1980’s new wave to flip-up fronts to a more elegant poolside-moviestar look. Drop by and try on a pair or order one HERE via our online ETSY store. Remember, we ship internationally, so you can have that perfect pair of sunglasses anywhere – Rockaway Beach or wherever you may be!

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A tale of TUXEDO TAILCOATS at Metropolis Vintage!


What could be more dapper than a tuxedo coat with tails? Also known as a “swallow-tail” or “claw hammer“, flip on Turner Classic Movies at any given time and you’re bound to see a dapper gent wearing one. Everyone from Clark Gable to Fred Astaire owned one, the latter immortalized his tailcoat in song during one of his most famous films of 1935.  While the world may not yet be ready for a top hat or monocle resurgence, the tailcoat looks elegant and adds the edge of class you need for that extra special occasion. Unfortunately, they are becoming harder and harder to find these days, but we at METROPOLIS VINTAGE remain eagle-eyed and stalwartly search for the finest in vintage menswear for you. Come on down and catch the tail of a tuxedo tailcoat before they’re all gone!


Don’t forget to stop by our ETSY store for many other cool items!

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