Metropolis Presents THE RETURN OF DETROIT!


UPDATE!! :: Not only do we have FREE Cassettes of music of the BANDS playing tonight for the folks coming to the show but you have your choice of a Tshirt or a Cassette. 50 pieces each so hurry on over at 9pm to make sure you get one!

Brooklyn Fireproof: Saturday, November 20th 119 Ingraham St Bushwick, Brooklyn, n.y. 11237 @ 9pm

With the days getting colder and shorter, the good folks at Metropolis Vintage and Brooklyn Fireproof are practically doing a public service with their upcoming night of hot, sweaty rock n roll from Detroit to keep us out past curfew. From the Motor City come four bands and guest DJ Mick Collins (Gories/Dirtbombs) to help you shake off the chills and get in the groove with some booze drenched garage punk mayhem.

To open the evening, junk-food-fueled party jokers The Mahonies will begin tearing through a set of shambolic punk reminiscent of bands like the Vomit Pigs, Insults and perhaps a very drugged out Angry Samoans with songs that may or may not break the one-minute mark. Don’t screw around and come fashionably late and miss out or you’ll be stuck hearing all the buzz about the band that’s like the warped side of a grime covered Vom bootleg while you scratch your head and pity yourself.

Next up you have the Terrible Twos who will immediately up the dose of snotty, chaotic and brazen punk from a bump to a few lines at the very least. These rapscallions make quite the pleasing ruckus that blends manic vocals, damaged/delightful punk and a ferocious organ into a perfect storm of off-kilter craziness. Their LP on X!/Criminal IQ Records is a fine testament both to the legacy of their hometown as well as their own ability to reinvent the out of control style Detroit has honed for decades.

Timmy Vulgar is practically a household name to weirdo-punk aficionados. Since his days fronting the futuristic mutant noise that was Clone Defects, and now the equally deranged and inventive Human Eye, Vulgar has been quite busy. Not enough, however, to stop him from a solo-project under the moniker Timmy’s Organism. With the LP Rise of the Green Gorilla recently released on Brooklyn-based Sacred Bones label, Timmy’s Organism bring a bizarre batch of punk mystery that mixes elements of Chrome, Beefheart, Pere Ubu/Rocket From the Tombs along with Vulgar’s own unique blend of bleakness and twisted melodies. Truly an incomparable frontman with a sound that can only be hinted at, Timmy’s Organism promises to be a sight and sound not to be missed.

As we begin to ease towards the later part of the evening, drink in hand and mind still partially unblown, Tyvek will be taking the stage to finish the job with an onslaught of frenetic rawness that’s as demented as it is danceable. For the past six years these upstarts have consistently let their jagged guitars cut a swath across the ear canals of listeners with a style that heaps all things punk from the free-loving sixties to the me-generation eighties. Keeping the spirit of things loose and loaded, Tyvek promise to take us down a catchy road of psych-punk euphoria.

As if this wasn’t enough to make you lucky schmucks shill out the eight bucks for the evenings festivities, Guest DJ Mick Collins of Gories and Dirtbombs acclaim will be spinning the hits all night. A living legend and a true tastemaker in the garage punk underground, Collins will keep things raucous and rowdy all night long.

If you foolish enough to work Sunday mornings you’d better call out sick or quit altogether. Saturday Nov 20th promises to be, amongst other things, an epic squall of battered punk fury, a booze drenched party of shaking and stomping and a momentous celebration of all things Detroit in our own Brooklyn backyard. Don’t miss out!

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