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BLACK SABBATH T-Shirts – Good on ANY day of the week!

Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all, or if he moves will he fall? Is he alive or dead? Has he thoughts within his head?

Can he find all of the BLACK SABBATH and OZZY  OSBOURNE T-Shirts he could ever want at METROPOLIS VINTAGE?  Call all BLACK SABBATH worshippers – because we’ve got a massive rack of METAL and music shirts up at the front of the store and the SABBATH section is always full of great new finds.  Come on down!


If you can’t make it to the East Village, you can always check out our online T-Shirt selection HERE!




You may not realize it, but METROPOLIS METAL T-SHIRT WEEK has already started.  We’re kicking things off fast & heavy with a selection of shirts from none other than METALLICA!  Here we’ve got selections from throughout their career, from the Cliff Burton era, to garage days and beyond.  If there were truly justice for all, everyone would be able to own a vintage Metallica of their choosing, but they’re always in demand, so you’ve got to act fast.  Ride the lightning!

Be sure and have a look at our online sales sites – METROPOLIS T-SHIRTS and METROPOLISNYCVINTAGE on ETSY, as well as our SHOPIFY T-SHIRT site!

Lady Gaga in Metropolis Vintage!


What do we have here?  Lady Gaga caught wearing a new favorite punk t-shirt that she picked up at Metropolis just the other day. We have tons of cool, rare and retro t-shirts of all kinds. Come in and find a good one before she buys them all!


Latest find! 1960’s Blue BATES Leather MOTORCYCLE Racing Jacket!


METROPOLIS VINTAGE is proud to present this amazing 1960’s BATES Leather Jacket!  Size 44! Recently unearthed and won’t last very long so snap this up while you still can! All measurements and info are on our ETSY site HERE!

Check it out! A 1960’s Schott PERFECTO Leather MOTORCYCLE Jacket


JUST IN!  Quite a score – this 1960’s PERFECTO Motorcycle Jacket in amazing condition . . . . Size 44.  If you want to grab this one, we’ve got all the measurements and more at the ETSY page HERE.


Check out our FRINGED JACKETS for MEN!


We’ve noticed one item making an unexpected comeback with the clientele in our store – MEN’S FRINGED JACKETS!  Dennis Hopper and John Voight both helped to popularize this look in films like Midnight Cowboy and Easy Rider, and you may have caught Stan from Mad Men rocking a sweet suede version this season.  Though it looks super cool, fringe originally served a purpose – letting rain drip off and getting the jacket to dry much faster.  You may not have any use for that if you thought ahead to bring an umbrella, but all that fringe will surely look cool swinging back and forth while you’re running from the ladies!

For many more T-Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, and other vintage items, be sure to have a look at our online stores: METROPOLIS NYC VINTAGE and METROPOLIS TSHIRTS. We have also just opened an outpost on SHOPIFY!



How rough do you like your rock & roll? How rough do you like your rock & roll t-shirts? Metropolis Vintage has a select section for those of you who like your shirts to have seen a bit of action.  Ripped, twisted, torn, burnt, paper-thin, sleeveless, neckless, destroyed, washed out and ready for battle.  Our shirts are the real thing. Come down to Metropolis Vintage and get your hands on one!

For many more T-Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, and other vintage items, be sure to have a look at our online stores: METROPOLIS NYC VINTAGE and METROPOLIS TSHIRTS. We have also just opened an outpost on SHOPIFY!

IRON MAIDEN T-SHIRTS in stock! Live And Loud!


MAIDEN FANS!  The spirit of EDDIE compels you to have a look at our selection of vintage IRON MAIDEN T-Shirts.  We’ve got them from all eras and albums and tours, too.  Your chest will not be complete without the MAIDEN logo and a horrific design by Derek Riggs!  They’re available on both our ETSY T-SHIRT site and our new METROPOLIS SHOPIFY site.



Walk a mile in our vintage NIKE SNEAKERS!

Are you a NIKE maniac?  It’s your lucky day because we here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have lucked onto a crate full of vintage NIKE AIR SNEAKERS that are just waiting for you.  AIR TERRA, AIR WINDRUNNER, AIR STRUCTURE and more.  We know what you NIKE fetishists like so our sets come complete with the original box! Any of the links below will take you to our ETSY NIKE section.  We ship anywhere.  JUST DO IT!





 Overalls have come a long way from the cliche image of the farmer and the oil-stained on-duty mechanic!  Though versions were used as early as 1792, overalls as we popularly know them (the “bib-and-brace” style) came into effect around 1891.  After decades of hard work,  the durable denim overall came into fashion, evolving from cornfed to cool.   What once was protective gear for WWI-era mothers working in factories became a staple for the earth mother of the 1960’s and beyond.  Even the ’90s found overalls being repopularized by Hip Hop artists such as Tupac and Kris Kross.  Suddenly, they’re back.  Once again, we here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have anticipated the trend and have a wide selection of overalls for you, from the traditional dark denim variety, to the popular “Shortalls” or “Skirtalls” which have been cut into shorts or modified to become a dress.  Perfect for summer wear in the country OR the city!