MADtropolis at Metropolis :: March 21st – 27th

SPECIAL Sales! LIVE Music! Bring Your Friends!

We are featuring Crypt records and their Las Vegas Grind and Twist and Rumble series of low down and dirty 60’s lounge music. The special DJ for Saturday, March 27th will none other than Tim Warren of Crypt record fame. Tim is the legend who put out “Back from the grave” series of 60’s garage music comps, a highly influential series of music 25 years a go that is still being heard in music being put out today. AND when the party ends at Metropolis we will keep the fun going at Black and White bar to celebrate Drew’s 25th BIRTHDAY. We’re offering 20% OFF all mens vintage clothing & shoes between March 21st-27th!!

Come in for some great deals and Mad Men inspired looks, only at Metropolis Vintage!!

Check out – Crypt Records

Wiki – Crypt Records

Wiki – Back From The Grave

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