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I go to see so many live shows and it becomes the same after awhile people who think they are too cool for school watching some Pitchfork approved band who also thinks they are too cool for school. Last night I went to the type of show that I’d rather be at, a real punk show complete with a scary looking biker/metal MC, brownies, lots of kids in cut off jean vests, leather and studs, feedback and tons of no bs bands.

Metropolis Fest at Brooklyn Fireproof was last evening and it was a great time. My two latest obsessions White Mystery and Nobunny co headlined but due to the lovely G train not working (a normal 25 min trip took 1 hour..way to go MTA!)  I only stayed for a few of the bands.

The bands that I saw I liked a lot. The first band was a female fronted 3 piece shoegaze band from Oregon called The Whine, the Whine was very tight and played a really stellar set. The next band was a two piece punkabilly band called The PeaceKillers who were just so awesome in every way, The PeaceKillers singer Jess Walton’s stage antics sort of reminded me of the Giraffes lead singer Aaron Lazzar, I just love that in your face style and I’m happy to see that in this day and age of bands who take themselves way too seriously it lives on. The last band that I stayed for The Psyched who were also a two piece who played balls to the wall feedback laden good old 3 chord punk that boardered on metal.

Besides the fantastic music last night another thing that impressed me about Metropolis Fest was the amount of kick ass female musicians on the bill, i.e. the lead singer of The Whine, the drummer from the PeaceKillers and Miss Alex from White Mystery.

I felt as if I totally was in my element at Metropolis Fest! Here are my pictures and I was trying to be all arty with my badself hence the different picture settings!

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