Metropolis History/The Breeders, X-Girl


Sometimes a smell can spark a memory. At Metropolis, T-shirts spark our memory. We came across a Breeders and X-girl t shirt and boy it was not just a spark but a explosion of memory’s of the 90’s that came back to mind.Back in the 90’s we use to be at 96 Ave B. On the edge of good and DRUGS. Well that another story. As for why Breeders and X-girl, all vintage stores rent or sell clothing for videos at one time or another and a Stylist/Designer named Daisy Von Furth was a good friend and customer of Metropolis than. Daisy did the styling of The Breeders, Cannon Ball video and Metropolis clothing was used for the shoot. Now the Director of the video was non other than Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. Daisy Teamed up with Kim to design the initial line of X-Girl clothing line. X-Girl  was a off shoot of X-large Clothing. X-Girls first fashion show was a street fashion show in Soho Check out the MTV fashion video and you can see Daisy and Kim Gordon. We don’t know where Daisy is these days and if any body knows can you tell us what she is up to. We miss Daisy. (Daisy if you read this get in contact please)

Check out this Cool new article about X-girl in Paper magazine.

The Breeders, Cannon Ball video

Daisy Von Furth, Interview

X-Girl 1994 SOHO Street Fashion Show

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