More Great Finds in LA

Even more from LA!

LA has been great so far and we’ve snagged up some sweet finds to bring back to NYC.  The following are just some of the things you can expect to see at the store…

ankle boots at metropolis

Boots, boots, boots calling all ladies calling all ladies, we have boots, boots boots ,boots!

Michael Jackson Tribute Jacket at Metropolis Vintage

Show your love for The King of Pop, with this MJ tribute jacket

Ricky Ricardo Boots at Metropolis

Ricky Ricardo owned this pair of boots…Nah, just kidding!

cock roach killer boots at metropolis vintage

We live in NYC girls and every girl needs a pair of (COCK)roach killers!

suit shoes at metropolic vintage

This pair is perfect for a Friday night at the club with a knock out suit! Don’t have the suit? Checkout Metropolis’ selection to match with these shoes.

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