SUEDE JACKETS are waiting for you!

It’s the edge of wintertime and what do we have that’s stylish and warm for the men out there? Our collection of vintage Suede Jackets, that’s what! These fine hides will protect your hide during frigid weather conditions and keep you looking smart on the streets.  Swing by Metropolis Vintage to try on a jacket or two, you won’t be sorry when the wind whips up.

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Retro ’80s and ’90s SWEATSHIRTS are here to keep you warm!

Sweatshirts?  We’ve got all the retro styles to keep you warm this winter.  Roll Call: NIKE! CK! GUESS! DKNY! GUCCI! They’re all here, waiting for you, joined by all of the other sweatshirts in our vintage racks.  We’ve got a huge selection of ’80s and ’90s material so come on by and grab a piece of the past!

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You’ve been buying up our stock of RALPH LAUREN POLO and TOMMY HILFIGER year ’round and we’ve got a new batch for the start of the year that you’ll kill for. Don’t get left out in the cold! There’s much more where this came from at our online store HERE. We ship anywhere!

Let Your Freak Flag Fly at Metropolis Vintage

American flag wear can be seen as a throwback to a simpler time of Easy Rider, free love and the hippie movement. As the great Abbie Hoffman displayed,
it can symbolize rebellion for the good of the values that founded this country.  Or, as the great Vanilla Ice displayed . . . well, I don’t know.  We’ve got stars and stripes of many kinds at Metropolis Vintage, be sure to stop by and have a look

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Ski Bums and Ski Bunnies: Burn up the slopes in a Ski Suit from Metropolis Vintage!

We’re all aware of global warming, so you’d better take some time out to hit the slopes in a cool skisuit from Metropolis Vintage.  With designs from the ’70s and ’80s  and ’90s, there will be a slippery nylon piece waiting for anyone who wants one.  You’ll be the envy of the lodge, slopes  or the streets.  Beware, you’ll be wanting to wear these year-round!

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LADY GAGA wears her METROPOLIS VINTAGE T-Shirt for her performance at the 2017 GRAMMY AWARDS with METALLICA!  Thanks Lady Gaga and thanks to La Maison Gaga for spotting this one.


Gentlemen! Start your engines! Metropolis Vintage has just found a large selection of vintage NASCAR RACING JACKETS for your enjoyment.  These tough, rugged jackets are built for speed and set to withstand the rigors of the road – perfect for a nasty night or just a casual pit stop at your local hangout.  They won’t be here very long so it would be in your best interest to race down to our local store before the best of them are gone.  Ready . . . Set . . . GO!


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Start The Year Off In A Vintage CARHARTT Sweatshirt!


CARHARTT have long been the name for dependable, durable, rugged work wear.  When it’s time to keep warm and look cool, there’s no better option.  In those cases where one would want something a a bit more lightweight, never fear, we at METROPOLIS have collected a fine selection of CARHARTT SWEATSHIRTS for you.  They’ve always been popular on the street, but since Kanye West was spotted walking around in one or two items, they’ve gone straight to the top.  Kick off the new year in a Carhartt sweatshirt and you’ll be ready for anything!

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Metropolis Vintage is honored to have our Christmas window captured by James & Karla Murray for their collection of the best East Village storefront windows this year!  The Murrays have made their name photographing the changing face of NYC over the past few decades.  Check out their photo books for some really cool, old world signage and remnants of old New York!


Here are some of our favorite Christmas window displays around Greenwich Village and the East Village, NYC this year. These are all from small independent businesses!  #shopsmall  We wish everyone a very happy holiday and a joyous New Year!

Across “the pond” they call them “jumpers”… here they are “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and are big business…

Return of the Long Sleeved Rock Shirts

A staple of the 1990’s, the long sleeved rock shirt adorned many a grunge kid and any skateboarder worth his salt.  Lately, this tradition seems to have been taken over by the metal crowd, but we at Metropolis Vintage have been collecting these for some time now and think the public is ready for them once again!  We’ve unearthed a huge batch which we’ve just put out on the racks so you can replace the short sleeve version with the longer, winterized model.

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