Stay as dry as British Royalty with one of our BARBOUR JACKETS!


Originally founded back in 1894 as an oil cloth import service, the company J. Barbour & Sons was famously known for their waterproof waxed-cotton jackets.  Due to the infamously soggy British climate, these jackets became a staple of British life and soon spread in popularity across the world.  Today, many similar waxed-cotton jackets are referred to as “Barbour Jackets”, whether made by Barbour or not!  Lady Diana was often seen sporting a Barbour throughout the 1980’s when she could certainly have had anything she wanted to wear.  We have quite a few currently in store, so stop by and pick one up.  If it’s good enough to keep British Royalty dry, it’s probably good enough for you, too!


For many more T-Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, and other vintage items, be sure to have a look at our online stores: METROPOLIS NYC VINTAGE and METROPOLIS TSHIRTS. We have also just opened an outpost on SHOPIFY!



How rough do you like your rock & roll? How rough do you like your rock & roll t-shirts? Metropolis Vintage has a select section for those of you who like your shirts to have seen a bit of action.  Ripped, twisted, torn, burnt, paper-thin, sleeveless, neckless, destroyed, washed out and ready for battle.  Our shirts are the real thing. Come down to Metropolis Vintage and get your hands on one!

For many more T-Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, and other vintage items, be sure to have a look at our online stores: METROPOLIS NYC VINTAGE and METROPOLIS TSHIRTS. We have also just opened an outpost on SHOPIFY!

IRON MAIDEN T-SHIRTS in stock! Live And Loud!


MAIDEN FANS!  The spirit of EDDIE compels you to have a look at our selection of vintage IRON MAIDEN T-Shirts.  We’ve got them from all eras and albums and tours, too.  Your chest will not be complete without the MAIDEN logo and a horrific design by Derek Riggs!  They’re available on both our ETSY T-SHIRT site and our new METROPOLIS SHOPIFY site.



Walk a mile in our vintage NIKE SNEAKERS!

Are you a NIKE maniac?  It’s your lucky day because we here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have lucked onto a crate full of vintage NIKE AIR SNEAKERS that are just waiting for you.  AIR TERRA, AIR WINDRUNNER, AIR STRUCTURE and more.  We know what you NIKE fetishists like so our sets come complete with the original box! Any of the links below will take you to our ETSY NIKE section.  We ship anywhere.  JUST DO IT!



Calling All TOMMY HILFIGER Boys and Girls


Are you a Tommy Boy or Girl?  Did you miss out the first time around?  We’ve got TOMMY HILFIGER in stock year ’round – long sleeve, short sleeve, polo shirts and  jackets, all kinds. Tommy Sport? Got it, too.


The TOMMY HILFIGER section in our downtown store has been extremely popular lately so if you want to get your hands on one, best come down and visit us as soon as you can.  We also have a selection available on our ETSY site HERE, and we ship internationally so wherever you may be, you can fly the flag of HILFIGER!

Vintage VARSITY JACKETS in stock!

VINTAGE VARSITY JACKETS are a cool, casual look for retro fans of any age!  Once reserved for the star athlete, they now appear on everyone from models to Michael Jackson.  We may even have your school if you’re lucky.  Either way, come down to METROPOLIS VINTAGE and find a Varsity or Letterman Jacket that suits you!  We’ve also got a selection on our online ETSY shop which you can check out below!


CK Sweatshirts are here to heat you up!

It’s getting cold out!  Wondering how to wear Calvin Klein during the winter months? We’ve got vintage CK sweatshirts in stock for all shapes and sizes.  Whether you look like a ’90s CK model or not, METROPOLIS VINTAGE has something for everyone.  Come visit our shop downtown or check out out online store on ETSY.  Would you rather look like one of the shapeless masses wrapped in an ill-fitting puffy coat  with a hat and ten scarves?  We didn’t think so either.  Wrap yourself up in those initials and look cool while keeping warm!

CARHARTT JACKETS are ready for your Winter Fun!


Here in New York City, it’s definitely CARHARTT weather outside!  Want to spend a chilly night rushing from door to cab to club and back again?  We didn’t think so.  Grab one of these CARHARTT JACKETS and you can stroll down the street, properly warm – yet calm, cool and collected – while everyone else is scurrying about.  These stylish, durable jackets originally came from Detroit, where the company started producing work overalls for railroadmen back in 1899.  Unbelievably, CARHARTT has remained a family-owned company for the last 115 years, as it’s still owned by the descendents of founder Hamilton Carhartt.  METROPOLIS VINTAGE stands as a testament to the lasting quality of the CARHARTT jacket as  we have a good collection here, still waiting to protect you against the winter elements!


As the legend has it, one year at his annual yachting birthday party Ralph Lauren received a teddy bear in his likeness, dressed ears to paw in miniature Ralph Lauren garb. He was so charmed by this gift, instantly smitten, and it looked so much like him that he decided to produce a line of miniature teddy bears for sale to discerning customers looking for a stylish cuddle. These furry Ralph Lauren surrogates soon proved to be incredibly popular with adults and children alike. Who among us was a Polo bear baby?
Demand grew and it was soon clear that this was simply not enough. Lauren knew he had to up the ante and 1991 found RL debuting his latest creation – sweaters proudly emblazoned with his beloved bear, soon to be christened the POLO BEAR.  The public was overjoyed and snatched them up in all forms. The bear was a true style icon and was depicted in all manner of guises, dressed as a doctor, lawyer, fireman, you name it. Everyone loved the bear icon, but possibly the greatest supporters of all time was a legendary Brooklyn street gang named The Lo-Lives – as in “PoLO-LIVES” – who ONLY wore the most rare of Ralph Lauren Polo Bear items they could find. METROPOLIS VINTAGE has just acquired a serious amount of prized POLO RALPH LAUREN items of a variety of styles, some with the Polo Bear, some not, but all have that refined style known and prized by Ralph Lauren aficionados from the yachts to the streets and back again.

Take A Trip Through The METROPOLIS T-SHIRT Department!



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Today we visit the world of the METROPOLIS VINTAGE T-Shirt department in honor of our current in-store T-Shirt sale: Purchase one tee and receive HALF OFF another T-Shirt of $65 value or less.  In contrast to the oft untamed wilds of other shops T-Shirt sections, the staff here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE has painstakingly organized our diverse selection of shirts into a host of different categories.   CARTOONS bleeding into the Motor Cycle section?  Classic Rock mixing with PUNK?  We can’t have that!  Here we showcase a few random pulls from some of our popular sections to show you what we’ve got.  Come on in anytime and find some cool tees for yourself or a loved one! There are many more shirts of all styles and designs than can be shown here!



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If you don’t live in the area, or even if you do, check out the T-SHIRT section on our ETSY site HERE!  We ship INTERNATIONALLY!