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American Treasures in stock at METROPOLIS VINTAGE

We have plenty of americana waiting for you here at Metropolis Vintage.  Your favorite NASCAR T-Shirts, flag jackets, and lots of traditional treasures that are as american as apple pie.  If you can’t make it into our store, check out our online T-Shirt department on ETSY HERE.  We ship anywhere and everywhere!


Let Your Freak Flag Fly at Metropolis Vintage

American flag wear can be seen as a throwback to a simpler time of Easy Rider, free love and the hippie movement. As the great Abbie Hoffman displayed,
it can symbolize rebellion for the good of the values that founded this country.  Or, as the great Vanilla Ice displayed . . . well, I don’t know.  We’ve got stars and stripes of many kinds at Metropolis Vintage, be sure to stop by and have a look

Visit our online ETSY store, we ship anywhere and everywhere!