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Start The Year Off In A Vintage CARHARTT Sweatshirt!


CARHARTT have long been the name for dependable, durable, rugged work wear.  When it’s time to keep warm and look cool, there’s no better option.  In those cases where one would want something a a bit more lightweight, never fear, we at METROPOLIS have collected a fine selection of CARHARTT SWEATSHIRTS for you.  They’ve always been popular on the street, but since Kanye West was spotted walking around in one or two items, they’ve gone straight to the top.  Kick off the new year in a Carhartt sweatshirt and you’ll be ready for anything!

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CARHARTT JACKETS are ready for your Winter Fun!


Here in New York City, it’s definitely CARHARTT weather outside!  Want to spend a chilly night rushing from door to cab to club and back again?  We didn’t think so.  Grab one of these CARHARTT JACKETS and you can stroll down the street, properly warm – yet calm, cool and collected – while everyone else is scurrying about.  These stylish, durable jackets originally came from Detroit, where the company started producing work overalls for railroadmen back in 1899.  Unbelievably, CARHARTT has remained a family-owned company for the last 115 years, as it’s still owned by the descendents of founder Hamilton Carhartt.  METROPOLIS VINTAGE stands as a testament to the lasting quality of the CARHARTT jacket as  we have a good collection here, still waiting to protect you against the winter elements!

Carhartt Jackets

Get your vintage Carhartt jackets now before they’re all gone in the winter. Come on who doesn’t like a really good carhartt jacket? I do and so does everyone else. We have different colors and designs for you to choose from. Check them out below and swing by to try them on.