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Mick Collins to DJ Metropolis Fest 2, 11pm to 2am

Metropolis Vintage is proud to announce on Sat May 21th Mick Collins of The Dirtbombs, Gories fame will be DJing Metropolis Fest 2

Mick will be DJing from 11pm to 2am


Check out the New Dirtbombs Video  “Sharevari”

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The Dirtbombs are on tour soon “Go Check them out”

Check out the pictures from MICK’S last DJ gig The Return of Detroit

The Return of Detroit :: Photo Recap!

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Starting off the night was none other than Mr. Mick Collins (Dirtbombs, Gories) DJing the entire fun filled night from 9pm to 4am. What a marathon run that included Mick and our Saxophonist Chuck Hancock trading riffs, YES that’s right, Mick DJing from his Sony VAIO computer was in a hit and run with
the Sax, WOW. Our FREE t-shirt and cassette went early in the night, the crowd grew big as the night wore on, bathroom lines were out the door (Next time we will get that right) A glance at the crowd showed the diversity than showed up to watch our Detroit bands deliver their killer sets, from the local loft dweller, ware punks and fans who came from many miles away.

Once the live music started, we were once again reminded this past Saturday why Detroit is one of America’s most pinnacle points for rock & roll for the past, present, and future. Dominating for decadesand still showing us they’ve still got what it takes to set the standard for kicking ass and showing us whose boss. November 20th marked the second installment of Metropolis’ Detroit themed events, and this hopefully won’t be their last. The fearsome foursome combo of bands that stormed into New York City that night left us all with the taste of cheap motor oil in our mouths and craving for more Motor City Mayhem! Tyvek, Terrible Twos, Timmy’s Organism, and The Mahonies blew us all away with their frantic primitive sounds and raw performances! And to add to all the fun Gardens a new Detroit combo crashed the party to give us an early morning serenade, keep your eyes and ears out for this up and coming Motor city group.


“Also, wanna say, even thought I love busting Drew’s gay little balls, he’s been doing some really great shows via the vintage shop he works at, Metropolis. And this was the best and biggest yet. Helluva deal too: for 8 bucks you get admission, a comp tape of all the bands on the bill, and a commemorative t-shirt. A bargain at twice the price. Kudos”
– Erick from Golden Error