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VINTAGE VARSITY JACKETS are a cool, casual look for retro fans of any age!  Once reserved for the star athlete, they now appear on everyone from models to Michael Jackson. They work well for a great ’80s look, as you might remember flicks like Revenge Of The Nerds and Teen Wolf. We may even have your school if you’re lucky.  Either way, come down to METROPOLIS VINTAGE and find a Varsity or Letterman Jacket that suits you!  We’ve also got a selection on our online ETSY shop which you can check out HERE!



Aztec Shirts are now here!  This ancient tribal print was very popular in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries before making a brief fashion resurgence in popularity during the  90’s and finally landing at Metropolis Vintage in 2013 A.D.  Their fun, eye-catching, geometric style definitely gets you noticed and looks stunning with the summer sun reflecting off these colorful  patterns.   Not just for Aztecs anymore!

photo (2)


Don’t forget to stop by our ETSY store for many other cool items!



Come  check out our selection of vintage ’90s style Disney T-Shirts.  We’ve got Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and the whole gang putting a new twist on an old style.  Ever wanted to see Donald Duck wearing rap gear?  Goofy in Grunge? Now you can wear them proudly on your chest.

We got Micky for you

We’ve got Mickey for you

Check out our WINNER



We here at Metropolis love winners and boy did we pick a super winner for this seasons winner of our $250.00 shopping spree contest. Susie Leyva what a lovely lady. She blow us away with her  great sense of style and the items she picked out during her shopping spree. We are so lucky here at Metropolis to here such fantastic customers who not only give us great pleasure in selling them vintage clothing and shoes but who many have become our friends. so if your in the neighborhood, pleases stop by and enter our contest, we pick out a new winner every 4 months and who knows you might be just that person.




Dead Stock 1980’s Sunglasses

The Sun is out, the temperature is rising, your putting on your shorts and wearing a t-shirt every day. And what do you need to make you not only keeping cool but LOOKING COOL is a pair of original 1980 sunglasses. Well we just got in another shipment of these beauty’s in store but don’t delay because when there gone there are gone.

Go back in time with 1960s Men Suits

Wouldn’t you want to dress like the infamous “rat pack” or the guys off of MAD MEN? … Yess you do. We have plenty of 1960s men suits in Metropolis waiting for you. Just wait until you wear these out on a night out or even just a regular day, the girls will be flocking over to you. Have fun prying them off.

90s Overalls are back in FASHION

Channel your inner Aaliyah with some 90s overalls. You can pair it with a cute crop top or even a bandage top. Summer is coming soon and why not get some of our short overalls too. They are comfortable and your pants will never fall down.


So they haven’t asked you to star on Boardwalk Empire just yet . . . but you can still look as dapper as a “Nucky” Thompson while you’re waiting for that call over at METROPOLIS.  Stop by anytime to peruse our selection of classic vintage vests of all eras and styles.  Whether you’re headed out to gamble or just meeting the girlfriend’s parents, we’ll make sure you look good!


(Note: Gallery photos represent a cross section of the styles we have available.  Not all of the vests pictured are in stock!)

Vintage LEVI Denim Jackets

Denim and vintage go well together and here at Metropolis Vintage we have been gathering a nice collection of the classic vintage LEVI  denim jackets for that not to hot or to cold spring and early summer days.

(Note: Gallery photos represent a cross section of the styles we have available.  Not all of the shirts pictured are in stock!)

Congratulations To Our $250 April Shopping Spree Winner!!

Marcine is our winner!

Check out some of her winnings.