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VINTAGE VARSITY JACKETS are a cool, casual look for retro fans of any age!  Once reserved for the star athlete, they now appear on everyone from models to Michael Jackson. They work well for a great ’80s look, as you might remember flicks like Revenge Of The Nerds and Teen Wolf. We may even have your school if you’re lucky.  Either way, come down to METROPOLIS VINTAGE and find a Varsity or Letterman Jacket that suits you!  We’ve also got a selection on our online ETSY shop which you can check out HERE!




It’s that time of year again when beaches and barbecues abound here in New York City. As THE RAMONES sang, “The Sun Is Out And I Want Some . . . ” and we here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have just received a new shipment of cool vintage sunglasses for you. Our shades have always been big sellers, but now we’ve got a host of interesting new styles that range from 1980’s new wave to flip-up fronts to a more elegant poolside-moviestar look. Drop by and try on a pair or order one HERE via our online ETSY store. Remember, we ship internationally, so you can have that perfect pair of sunglasses anywhere – Rockaway Beach or wherever you may be!

A tale of TUXEDO TAILCOATS at Metropolis Vintage!


What could be more dapper than a tuxedo coat with tails? Also known as a “swallow-tail” or “claw hammer“, flip on Turner Classic Movies at any given time and you’re bound to see a dapper gent wearing one. Everyone from Clark Gable to Fred Astaire owned one, the latter immortalized his tailcoat in song during one of his most famous films of 1935.  While the world may not yet be ready for a top hat or monocle resurgence, the tailcoat looks elegant and adds the edge of class you need for that extra special occasion. Unfortunately, they are becoming harder and harder to find these days, but we at METROPOLIS VINTAGE remain eagle-eyed and stalwartly search for the finest in vintage menswear for you. Come on down and catch the tail of a tuxedo tailcoat before they’re all gone!


Don’t forget to stop by our ETSY store for many other cool items!



CHRIS BROW of the international INLIFE show on LYONESS TV takes his viewers on a fun and informative tour of New York City – from Williamsburg, past the Museum Of Modern Art to Queens, and finally, a stop at METROPOLIS to talk vintage with our shop manager Drew Redmond. Check it out here! We appear at approximately 4:33, but the whole episode is great:

Chris Brow takes us along on his rather special New York city walk. He shows us what the “Big Apple” has to offer over and above classic points of interest in terms of culture, fashion and entertainment. So Chris takes us on a stroll through the districts of Brooklyn, Queens and of course Manhattan. Expect a few surprise discoveries!

Thanks to CHRIS and LYONESS TV, you’re welcome back anytime!

New York City’s Largest Selection of Vintage U.S. NAVY PEA COATS!


Here at Metropolis Vintage, the winter’s coming into full swing and sailors know there’s no better way to keep warm than buttoned up in a fine vintage U.S. Navy Pea Coat.  Naval rumor has it that the heavy blue twill fabric known as “pilot cloth” gave them the name “Pilot Jackets”, which was eventually shortened to just the letter “P” and “Pea Coat” along the way.  With the trademark oversized buttons, and slash or vertical pockets, their style has hardly changed in the years since their inception.  Designed for maximum protection  and maximum durability, Pea Coats have been a longtime favorite for seafaring men and landlubbers alike, since they’re not only warm but stylish.  Metropolis Vintage has a variety of Pea Coats, from the classic 1950’s Navy-issue blue jacket to more modern versions in white or black.  You’ll cut a dashing figure while trudging through the rain and snow this winter!

Don’t forget to stop by our ETSY store for many other cool items!


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Right now form your computer you can tour our store and check out what it is like to walk amount the boots and shoes in Metropolis Vintage.

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Click the Photo for the Metropils Store Tour

Click the Photo for the Metropils Store Tour


Come  check out our selection of vintage ’90s style Disney T-Shirts.  We’ve got Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and the whole gang putting a new twist on an old style.  Ever wanted to see Donald Duck wearing rap gear?  Goofy in Grunge? Now you can wear them proudly on your chest.

We got Micky for you

We’ve got Mickey for you

Check out our WINNER



We here at Metropolis love winners and boy did we pick a super winner for this seasons winner of our $250.00 shopping spree contest. Susie Leyva what a lovely lady. She blow us away with her  great sense of style and the items she picked out during her shopping spree. We are so lucky here at Metropolis to here such fantastic customers who not only give us great pleasure in selling them vintage clothing and shoes but who many have become our friends. so if your in the neighborhood, pleases stop by and enter our contest, we pick out a new winner every 4 months and who knows you might be just that person.




Best Tshirt shop in NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!

Self congratulations is in order and why not!!!!!!!
We work hard and seach every where to bring our customers the best vintage T-shirt in NY. Stop by soon we still have a lot of killers ones in stock.

Metropolis Vintage “The best Vintage T-shirt shop in NYC”

Dead Stock 1980’s Sunglasses

The Sun is out, the temperature is rising, your putting on your shorts and wearing a t-shirt every day. And what do you need to make you not only keeping cool but LOOKING COOL is a pair of original 1980 sunglasses. Well we just got in another shipment of these beauty’s in store but don’t delay because when there gone there are gone.