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Calling All TOMMY HILFIGER Boys and Girls


Are you a Tommy Boy or Girl?  Did you miss out the first time around?  We’ve got TOMMY HILFIGER in stock year ’round – long sleeve, short sleeve, polo shirts and  jackets, all kinds. Tommy Sport? Got it, too.


The TOMMY HILFIGER section in our downtown store has been extremely popular lately so if you want to get your hands on one, best come down and visit us as soon as you can.  We also have a selection available on our ETSY site HERE, and we ship internationally so wherever you may be, you can fly the flag of HILFIGER!

Carhartt Jackets

Get your vintage Carhartt jackets now before they’re all gone in the winter. Come on who doesn’t like a really good carhartt jacket? I do and so does everyone else. We have different colors and designs for you to choose from. Check them out below and swing by to try them on.

Vintage Mountain Parkas from Woolrich, L.L.Bean,E.M.S. Lands End


Hunt up some fun while wearing one of our vintage ’80s plaid-lined mountain parkas . . . They’re comfortable, durable, and you’ll be ready for any kind of outdoor action! We always have a great selection in our store.






By popular request! Vintage ’90s Picasso jackets are back at Metropolis!

You wanted them, we found them – more vintage ’90s Picasso jackets now in stock!  We uncovered a large variety of colors and styles, some are even reversible.  Catch them before they disappear again . . .

Vintage Varsity Jackets In Stock In Store

We have a great selection of vintage varsity jackets. If you want to buy these jackets you need to come into the store Metropolis or you can check out our jackets on line HERE. There are all different types of shapes,colors, letters, names, teams and sizes. The varsity jackets are made out of wool and leather. So come by the store and pick one, two or maybe 3. You never know if your grandparents or parents have worn one of the varsitys.