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We Found Ourselves The Winter Winner Of The $250 Shopping Spree !!

Gianna is our Winter Shopping Spree Winner !!

Check out what awesome new clothes she chose~


More Dr.Martens Just In !!! :x

Dr? Dr? I think i need a Dr…Dr.Marten that is. We just got in a whole new shipment of Dr.Marten’s on our ETSY site. And you can also stop by the store because we put out more on the floor. Sayy whatttt?!?! yeah i know awesome :)

Now check them out below.

New Punk / Rock Tshirts On ETSY

The Ramones, The Cure, The Danmed, John Lennon, & The Undertones. Do these name interest you? Take your attention? Well i got something for you, we just put up several rock & punk t-shirts just for you on ETSY. Check it out! I promise you, you’ll love them. Who doesn’t want the original t-shirts? I know I would if I were you so common just check them out.

More Football T-Shirts Just For You

Since one of our favorite and of course your sports are back in season, we decided to give you a treat in more football t-shirts. From the NY Giants to the Cincinnati Bangles, we have all the shirts your need to support your favorite team. Come into the store or even go on our ETSY <– (CLICK ON LINK) store to buy them. Now take a look at what we have in store for ya!


Metropolis Fest 2 Press Release

Well friends, sultry summer is just around the corner and with it comes another installment of METROPOLIS VINTAGE PRESENTS: METROPOLIS FEST II, a two-night barrage of booze-soaked punk n’ roll garage rock insanity from May 20th to the 21st, featuring live performances by NOBUNNY, WHITE MYSTERY, TIMMY’S ORGANISM, THE WALDOS and more…

Down load the press release here

The festivities begin Friday, May 20th at METROPOLIS VINTAGE APPAREL, a FREE SHOW kickoff with a double dose of co-ed fuzz duos, PEACE-KILLERS (Ex-Humans, Foster Care) and WHITE MYSTERY. DJ DREW REDMOND slings stacks of R&B wildness to make you freak, while METROPOLIS VINTAGE provides 20% OFF EVERYTHING IN-STORE. Shop ‘til you drop and then shake on down to….

DON PEDROS, Brooklyn’s casa of rock with yet another FREE SHOW featuring FUCK SCHOOL (LiveFastDie), CHEESEQUAKE, THE AMPUTEES, MARVIN BERRY & THE NEW SOUND and THE WALDOS (Johnny Thunders & Heartbreakers). Down some $3 hot pepper-infused spicy vodka shots, slam a few Coronas and get ready to feel the burn.

THE WALDOS feature WALTER LURE of JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS on guitar and vocals. This guy remains consistently awesome; cultivating heartbroken, loud and jangly punk savagery since before Carter left office. The ambush of familiar protopunk stompers are sure to make you dance while DJs ERIC DAVIDSON (New Bomb Turks’ author of We Never Learn) and SARAH BROUGH spin nothin’ but punk. So caliente!

But you better not blow your load, the party continues Saturday, May 21st at METROPOLIS with acoustic punkabilly roots tunes to soothe your hangover. Like the hair of the dog that bit ya, you’ll drool over BACKDOOR STAN, SWEET TOOTH NELSON and BROWNBIRD RUDY RELIC while DJ COWBOY MARK takes command of your dancing shoes and the 20% OFF SALE CONTINUES!!

After, the Metropolis gang will head over to BROOKLYN FIREPROOF for the final blowout. To start, Brooklyn’s THE PEACE-KILLERS (Ex-Humans, Foster Care) features dissonant, bluesy wailing with songs more stripped down than a centerfold. Dirty, shambolic rock duo, THE PSYCHED (Tunnel of Love) will follow, with reverb and riffs for all the punks and degenerates. THE JOHNNY ILL BAND (Terrible Twos) from Detroit feature veterans of the RETURN OF DETROIT show, where, if you were foolish enough to miss TIMMY’S ORGANISM (Clone Defects, Human Eye) check out what you missed here. Otherwise, you should know full-well to expect a bombardment of weirdo-punk slime to twist your head and crack your spine. Embrace the madness and prepare to meet WHITE MYSTERY. Led by fiery redhead ALEX WHITE, these ginger siblings belt out a soul-driven-psych-tainted garage surge through pounding drums and gutturally gorgeous vox. Get their new LP, Blood and Venom at the show.

By now, you might be seeing double, but you’re not hallucinating that sexy half-naked-bunny-man taking the stage. It’s… NOBUNNY!! A perfect blend of bubblegum, power-pop, lo-fi antics and three-chord-retardation, San Francisco’s JUSTIN CHAMPLIN and company have matured a bit since the first LP, Love Visions hit the streets. They certainly haven’t grown up, however, as their new record, First Blood, makes it plain to see. Laden with catchy hooks, silly, sharp and lascivious lyrics, NOBUNNY is like a striptease and a children’s TV show partying together to the sounds of your favorite Ramones song. Can you say dance party??

I’d be remiss to add that DJs CHRIS MILLSTEIN (Mondo Kim’s Video) and MICK COLLINS (The Gories, The Dirtbombs) will be spinning inside and outside for your backside, while your favorite Yankee Candleista (and front man for The Stalkers) ANDY ANIMAL hosts the party with giveaways, colorful anecdotes and tasty treats.

See ya’ there, turkey necks!!

Metropolis Fest 2

Metropolis Fest 2




Written by Charly Himmel and Tommy Perkins, flyer by Nick Gazin

Nobunny May 21th

Metropolis Fest 2, May 20th & 21th

May 21, 2011

Timmy’s Organism has canceled and will NOT be performing

Filling will be The Othermen

Metropolis Fest 2

Metropolis Fest 2


Check out our FACEBOOK invite

Brooklyn Fireproof Bushwick, Brooklyn, 8pm -??? $10.00

Hosted by Andy ‘Animal’ of The Stalkers

DJ Mick Collins of The Dirtbombs, Gories

DJ Chris Millstein of Silver Summit, Mondo Kims


From Sneaky Pinks

White Mystery

From Chicago

Timmy’s Organism

Timmy;s Organism has canceled and will be performing

Peace Killers

Jesse from Foster Care,Ex Humans

Johnny ILL Band

Chris from Terrible Twos

The Psyched

Anthony from Tunnel of Love

[vsw id=”Za5j7gLnZZk” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

[vsw id=”OCb4gn5TcNM” source=”youtube” width=”240″ height=”150″ autoplay=”no”]    [vsw id=”C2vprnnbHuE” source=”youtube” width=”240″ height=”150″ autoplay=”no”]

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Full lineup info and times

May 20th, 8pm

Don Pedros

FREE FREE FREE good god almighty the show is FREE

The Waldos

Marvin Berry & the New Sound

The Amputees


Fuck School

DJ Eric Davidson from The New Bomb Turks

DJ Sarah Brough form Harrisburg,Pa

[vsw id=”tfkYPngjYxI” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

[vsw id=”2emw2KI60e0″ source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]


Nobunny May 21th

Check out Our Spring Fashion Slide Show!

The Jigglers LOVE FEST Fashion Shoot

We asked The Jigglers to play our Metropolis LOVE Fest and SALE.
Here are some pictures of the band dressed up in clothing that you
get right here at Metropolis Vintage (Photographer: Nick Gazin)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Listen to The Jigglers


We Love our Yelp!-ers! Thanks for the great review

We’re on Yelp!

We want to say thanks to those of you who have reviewed us! We appreciate all customer feedback and definitely read all of them… Here are a few recent ones! Haven’t reviewed us yet? Review us now HERE.

T-Shirt of the Day!! 3/25/10

T-Shirt of the Day!! 3/25/10