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Rev Up with some’90s HARLEY DAVIDSON T-Shirts

The wild world of HARLEY DAVIDSON T-Shirts of the ’90s are here at Metropolis Vintage.  Cool biker and Harley shirts have always been riding the familiar road of american flags, eagles and cycle lore. Take a detour into the world of Harley shirts of the ’90s where you’ll find some new twists on the traditional styles.  Yes, that is a tie-dye Harley shirt below.  You can see some of the  HARLEY DAVIDSON T-Shirts available on our ETSY T-Shirt store HERE!


Latest find! 1960’s Blue BATES Leather MOTORCYCLE Racing Jacket!


METROPOLIS VINTAGE is proud to present this amazing 1960’s BATES Leather Jacket!  Size 44! Recently unearthed and won’t last very long so snap this up while you still can! All measurements and info are on our ETSY site HERE!

Check it out! A 1960’s Schott PERFECTO Leather MOTORCYCLE Jacket


JUST IN!  Quite a score – this 1960’s PERFECTO Motorcycle Jacket in amazing condition . . . . Size 44.  If you want to grab this one, we’ve got all the measurements and more at the ETSY page HERE.



They say lightning doesn’t strike twice – but we at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have recently unearthed a rare bunch of famous AMERICAN THUNDER shirts. All black, with their classic American motifs, bold electric colors and iconic lightning bolts around the edges, they don’t last very long so be sure to come down and find the one you want. We’ve got a variety of designs, including some of the harder-to-find graphics such as ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE version as pictured here. FOLLOW NO ONE and lead the pack in one of our vintage AMERICAN THUNDER shirts!

SNOW Tshirts-062

Don’t forget to stop by our ETSY store for many other cool items!


Vintage Motorcycle Jackets

Their is a reason that our LOGO is a motorcycle rider, because here at Metropolis one of our specialties for over 20 years has been the MC Jacket. Well that is a long time and for that time we have always keep a LARGE selection of vintage motorcycle jackets in stock at our store, big sizes and small sizes, we are always getting in new ones each month so stop on by at our East Village.