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JORDANS : Rebellious Vintage Sneakers? We’ve got them!


The original AIR JORDANS from 1985 were initially designed in red and black to match the team colors of the CHICAGO BULLS.  Soon afterward, the NBA Commissioner banned them from the court, stating that they violated the dress code.  Did this deter Michael Jordan? Hell no.  He was fined $5000 every time he stepped into play wearing those sneakers, yet he never stopped wearing them.  Nike foot the bill but it was a small price to pay because soon they had a sensation on their hands.  “On October 18th, the NBA threw them out of the game. Fortunately, the NBA can’t stop you from wearing them.” went the famous ad.  Rumor had it that there was something special about that sneaker, something that would give you the edge over your competitors.  Soon, they added white to the red and black color scheme, which the NBA deemed appropriate, but the legend of the AIR JORDAN was already set.  Jordans went through many more versions over the years and, like many relics from the ’80s are hard to come by nowadays.  Luckily, we have some in stock here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE, obtained from our secret cache of ’80s gear.  Stop in and have a look, and a flashback to the days of Michael Jordan and Mars Blackmon a.k.a. Spike Lee!


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