Vintage VARSITY JACKETS in stock!

VINTAGE VARSITY JACKETS are a cool, casual look for retro fans of any age!  Once reserved for the star athlete, they now appear on everyone from models to Michael Jackson.  We may even have your school if you’re lucky.  Either way, come down to METROPOLIS VINTAGE and find a Varsity or Letterman Jacket that suits you!  We’ve also got a selection on our online ETSY shop which you can check out below!


Get your High Rise, High Waisted JEANS at LOW prices!

Ladies! Tired of seeing all these dangerously plunging waistlines?  Too much midriff around for your liking?  We here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have just the solution for you! Racks of those classic high-rise,  high -waisted jeans you’ve been missing.  Roll the cuffs up or let them hang down, it doesn’t matter.  Anti short zippers and short shorts?  Grab a pair of our  jeans, button them up tight and take a stand!

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CHRIS BROW of the international INLIFE show on LYONESS TV takes his viewers on a fun and informative tour of New York City – from Williamsburg, past the Museum Of Modern Art to Queens, and finally, a stop at METROPOLIS to talk vintage with our shop manager Drew Redmond. Check it out here! We appear at approximately 4:33, but the whole episode is great:

Chris Brow takes us along on his rather special New York city walk. He shows us what the “Big Apple” has to offer over and above classic points of interest in terms of culture, fashion and entertainment. So Chris takes us on a stroll through the districts of Brooklyn, Queens and of course Manhattan. Expect a few surprise discoveries!

Thanks to CHRIS and LYONESS TV, you’re welcome back anytime!

DENIM JACKETS – Made to outlast their owner!

First created by Levi Strass in 1873 to serve as a rugged protective layer for prospectors and cowboys, the denim jacket has remained durable, dependable, and popular throughout the years. Don’t take our word for it – a Levis historian recently discovered a jacket dating back to the 1880’s in an abandoned Southern California ghost town. They’re simple, effective and cool, and apparently will even outlast their owner by a century or so. While we’ve got nothing going so far back as the 1880’s, METROPOLIS VINTAGE always has a stock of classic denim jackets waiting on the rack. If they’ve worked for Dennis Hopper and The Marlboro Man, they’ll certainly work for you!

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STOMP on the competition with a pair of vintage “BEATLE” BOOTS!


Naturally, all of us at Metropolis Vintage dig The Ramones, but there comes a time when a man needs more than a leather jacket and pair of Converse sneakers. Prefer to class-up your act? Enter The “Beatle” Boot, favored footwear for everyone from The Beatles and The Stones to Nick Cave and The Beasts of Bourbon. Beginning their life and gaining their nickname when The Beatles modified a local Chelsea Boot with a Cuban-style heel, they soon became all the rage in the mid-60’s and were then adopted by many punks of the ’70s and 80’s. Don’t let the “Beatles” tag scare you off – these pointy-toed, high heeled devils look cool with just about anything and also come in handy for self-defense while one is onstage or on the street. Another wild aspect is how they come in a variety of individual styles – some are smooth and space-age looking, while others from the ’70s-era come with interesting decorative stitching patterns and many have a bit of a western motif. We always have a constantly rotating supply here at Metropolis Vintage, but if you’re out of the area, have a look at some of Beatle Boots we currently offering online HERE. You’ll stomp on the competition with that 2-inch Cuban Heel.


DON’T TELL KANYE! The Finest in Faux-Versace Shirts are at METROPOLIS VINTAGE

New rack of Faux-Versace Shirts at METROPOLIS VINTAGE

New rack of Faux-Versace Shirts at METROPOLIS VINTAGE

Trends come and go, but one of the hottest items in our store right now is what we call the faux-Versace silk shirt. You recognize them from print and magazine spots. They’ve been proudly worn and prized by many currently famous celebrities, even obsessed about by others . . . but why let Kanye West have all the fun? From various different designers, the wild, colorful patterns on the smooth fabric of these button-ups catch the eye like nobody’s business – just like their Versace counterparts. We’ve just imported an entire rack of these fine finds and a lot of the styles and patterns are even cooler and much more unique than the “official” versions. You’ll be even more stylish for a fraction of the price. So, METROPOLIS VINTAGE fans, remember: what Kanye doesn’t know won’t hurt him so PLEASE keep this information to yourselves!


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We here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE specialize in every era of vintage clothing but one thing that we do cover that many ignore is the pop culture angle of vintage collecting. Those other stores may be too cool but, hey, that’s too bad for them. Remember all of those T-Shirts you grew up with that Mom threw away when you weren’t looking? They’re considered vintage at this point. We’re fans as well and are always on the lookout. METROPOLIS VINTAGE’s T-Shirt archives have a full selection of classic cartoon, television and movie icons from yesteryear. Trekkie or Star Wars fan? BATMAN? Golden Age of WARNER BROTHERS? Vampire The Masquerade? DISNEY? Even Beavis And Butthead? They’re all waiting for you down here at METROPOLIS!

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They say lightning doesn’t strike twice – but we at METROPOLIS VINTAGE have recently unearthed a rare bunch of famous AMERICAN THUNDER shirts. All black, with their classic American motifs, bold electric colors and iconic lightning bolts around the edges, they don’t last very long so be sure to come down and find the one you want. We’ve got a variety of designs, including some of the harder-to-find graphics such as ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE version as pictured here. FOLLOW NO ONE and lead the pack in one of our vintage AMERICAN THUNDER shirts!

SNOW Tshirts-062

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New York City’s Largest Selection of Vintage U.S. NAVY PEA COATS!


Here at Metropolis Vintage, the winter’s coming into full swing and sailors know there’s no better way to keep warm than buttoned up in a fine vintage U.S. Navy Pea Coat.  Naval rumor has it that the heavy blue twill fabric known as “pilot cloth” gave them the name “Pilot Jackets”, which was eventually shortened to just the letter “P” and “Pea Coat” along the way.  With the trademark oversized buttons, and slash or vertical pockets, their style has hardly changed in the years since their inception.  Designed for maximum protection  and maximum durability, Pea Coats have been a longtime favorite for seafaring men and landlubbers alike, since they’re not only warm but stylish.  Metropolis Vintage has a variety of Pea Coats, from the classic 1950’s Navy-issue blue jacket to more modern versions in white or black.  You’ll cut a dashing figure while trudging through the rain and snow this winter!

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We’ve got PLAID! Vintage Shirts, Coats, PENDLETONS, FILSONS and more . . .

There’s an abundance of PLAID here at Metropolis Vintage these days . . . We have  vintage plaid “Grunge” style shirts as well as heavy wool PENDLETON, FILSON, WOODRICH and JOHNSON coats and jackets.  The heavy wool jackets are a perfect warm and stylish barrier against the winter chill, but did you know that THE BEACH BOYS originally called themselves The Pendletones in honor of their favorite brand?  Their legacy has been just as durable as their sturdy jackets, coats and shirts – lasting throughout the century.  Mike Watt, bass player for THE STOOGES, MINUTEMEN, and lifetime plaid flannel expert advises: ”Pendeltons are the prize. Avoid anything made in Sri Lanka.”

“At Pendleton Woolen Mills, Clarence Morton Bishop envisioned a different kind of fabric for a man’s wool shirt. Pendleton’s sophisticated weaving capabilities were producing vibrant Indian trade blankets. Why not bring that same weaving and color know-how to flannel shirting?  After much weaving experimentation and hard work, Pendleton’s innovative Umatilla shirting fabric rolled off the loom. The positive response was immediate. After World War II, the concept of sportswear emerged in American society.  While hunting, fishing, or pursuing his hobbies, Dad very often wore a Pendleton shirt.  Throughout the 20th century, clothing trends have emerged from workwear and traveled into the fashion mainstream. Casual and colorful, leisurewear symbolized the end of privation and the return of the good life.”

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