velvet jackets

Ah yes, the velvet jacket – destined to go down in history as one of the most tactile textiles known to man. Any self-respecting bachelor of the 1970’s owned one in every shade, in hopes that some nubile bachelorette would find the fine fabric irresistible to the touch. Paired with a scarf, a velvet jacket forms the cornerstone of the classic shaggy-haired-rock-dandy look. Mick Jagger himself will tell you that they go quite well with a bottle of red wine – in which case you may opt for a darker burgundy shade in case of spillage. The popularity of this garment continues throughout the ages, so naturally we’ve got some in stock for you here at METROPOLIS VINTAGE. Come on down and feel one for yourself!

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STOMP on the competition with a pair of vintage “BEATLE” BOOTS!


Naturally, all of us at Metropolis Vintage dig The Ramones, but there comes a time when a man needs more than a leather jacket and pair of Converse sneakers. Prefer to class-up your act? Enter The “Beatle” Boot, favored footwear for everyone from The Beatles and The Stones to Nick Cave and The Beasts of Bourbon. Beginning their life and gaining their nickname when The Beatles modified a local Chelsea Boot with a Cuban-style heel, they soon became all the rage in the mid-60’s and were then adopted by many punks of the ’70s and 80’s. Don’t let the “Beatles” tag scare you off – these pointy-toed, high heeled devils look cool with just about anything and also come in handy for self-defense while one is onstage or on the street. Another wild aspect is how they come in a variety of individual styles – some are smooth and space-age looking, while others from the ’70s-era come with interesting decorative stitching patterns and many have a bit of a western motif. We always have a constantly rotating supply here at Metropolis Vintage, but if you’re out of the area, have a look at some of Beatle Boots we currently offering online HERE. You’ll stomp on the competition with that 2-inch Cuban Heel.


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