Vintage VARSITY JACKETS in stock!

VINTAGE VARSITY JACKETS are a cool, casual look for retro fans of any age!  Once reserved for the star athlete, they now appear on everyone from models to Michael Jackson.  We may even have your school if you’re lucky.  Either way, come down to METROPOLIS VINTAGE and find a Varsity or Letterman Jacket that suits you!  We’ve also got a selection on our online ETSY shop which you can check out below!


New York City’s Largest Selection of Vintage U.S. NAVY PEA COATS!


Here at Metropolis Vintage, the winter’s coming into full swing and sailors know there’s no better way to keep warm than buttoned up in a fine vintage U.S. Navy Pea Coat.  Naval rumor has it that the heavy blue twill fabric known as “pilot cloth” gave them the name “Pilot Jackets”, which was eventually shortened to just the letter “P” and “Pea Coat” along the way.  With the trademark oversized buttons, and slash or vertical pockets, their style has hardly changed in the years since their inception.  Designed for maximum protection  and maximum durability, Pea Coats have been a longtime favorite for seafaring men and landlubbers alike, since they’re not only warm but stylish.  Metropolis Vintage has a variety of Pea Coats, from the classic 1950’s Navy-issue blue jacket to more modern versions in white or black.  You’ll cut a dashing figure while trudging through the rain and snow this winter!

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Come  check out our selection of vintage ’90s style Disney T-Shirts.  We’ve got Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and the whole gang putting a new twist on an old style.  Ever wanted to see Donald Duck wearing rap gear?  Goofy in Grunge? Now you can wear them proudly on your chest.

We got Micky for you

We’ve got Mickey for you

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Vintage Packer Boots at Metropolis Vintage


History of the Packer Boots

  • In the mid-1800s, the most popular boot in America was the Wellington, a leather military-type, pull-on boot that was worn by many Civil War officers. Unfortunately, these boots did not hold up well over time, so most enlisted men, who were primarily farmers, wore boots that laced up and served them well on the farm. After the war, shoemakers began to make early cowboy boots of waxed leather and added the Cuban angled heel that horsemen preferred. Frontiersmen had long preferred lace-up boots, so the angled heel was added to the lace-up style, forming what is known as the “packer boot,” the style favored by ranch hands.

    Packer boots had the right design for their function. The boots were cut of thick leather that was waxed on the flesh side. The wax helped the boots last longer and also aided in waterproofing them. The laced front of the boots allowed their owners to loosen the laces a bit when they wore thick winter socks. The laces could be pulled tighter in the summer months when the ranch hands wore thinner socks or none at all.

    Not only were the boots able to accommodate various thicknesses of socks and keep the wearers’ feet dry, but the thick leather prevented the fangs of rattlesnakes from piercing legs and ankles and saved their shins from bruising when clambering over rocky terrain. The height of the packer boots protected the shins of horse riders, while the angled heels helped hold their feet in the stirrups.

    Many of the early pioneers who wore this type of boot lived in the Rocky Mountains and worked with pack horses. When they were going out to work with their horses, they would don their “packer” boots.

    Check out our Collection of Packers boots HERE!!


Goldmine of rare rock, punk, metal & goth T-Shirts at METROPOLIS VINTAGE

Ever seen a ’70s t-shirt with a drawing of a “New Wave” Bugs Bunny dressed up in a leather jacket, surrounded by logos of bands like RICHARD HELL, THE SAINTS, THE DEAD BOYS, THE RAMONES and TALKING HEADS?  Well no, we didn’t either until we came across one while searching for more of the vintage rock, punk, metal and goth shirts for you to check out.   METROPOLIS VINTAGE is fully stocked with a wide array of vintage rock t-shirts, whatever your taste.  We’ve got classic rock like the ROLLING STONES, GRATEFUL DEAD or BOB DYLAN and old ’70s ALICE COOPER shirts.  We’ve got thrashed metal shirts from ANTHRAX and SLAYER to more obscure rare punk & new wave fare like BUSH TETRAS and THE GUN CLUB.  Looking for a SMITHS or MORRISSEY T-shirt?  A DEVO shirt that comes with an original concert stub from a show back in 1982?  Vintage CRAMPS or DEAD BOYS shirt? We’ve got “All This And More” down at METROPOLIS VINTAGE store or on our ETSY site on the web!


So they haven’t asked you to star on Boardwalk Empire just yet . . . but you can still look as dapper as a “Nucky” Thompson while you’re waiting for that call over at METROPOLIS.  Stop by anytime to peruse our selection of classic vintage vests of all eras and styles.  Whether you’re headed out to gamble or just meeting the girlfriend’s parents, we’ll make sure you look good!


(Note: Gallery photos represent a cross section of the styles we have available.  Not all of the vests pictured are in stock!)

Motorcycle Boots are in for all you biker fans


Leather fanatics ! Come and listen..We just got in new motorcycle / harness boots that just came in. Buy them on Etsy or in the store which ever pleases you. But come in fast because their riding right out the door with their new owners. Who doesn’t love a good pair of soft leather boots? If you don’t well….my mother always told me not to say anything if I don’t have anything nice to say so lets just skip that subject :). Back to the reason why I’m here, check out these awesome boots down below.




1990’s Men’s shirts

The time has come and yes sir the 90’s are here to stay. One of the lasting styles of the 90’s is men’s shirts when style rules were not obeyed. And what did we get in that ten year period of flux? We stop on by and take a look at metropolis’s awsome collection of men’s 1990’s shirts.

(Note: Gallery photos represent a cross section of the styles we have available.  Not all of the shirts pictured are in stock!)