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Ugly Christmas Sweaters in stock at METROPOLIS!

Clink the picture to buy Xmas sweaters on line

It is that time of year again!  Oh, Holy Night of taking pictures and looking goofy in ugly   Christmas sweaters.  We here at Metropolis Vintage have a HUGE selection of MEN’S and WOMEN’S sweaters just for you and your Christmas party. Hundreds are in stock, BUT if last year was a indication, the best ones are not going to last. So . . . all you uptown folks in need of an ugly sweater to impress your boss or office crush take that downtown train to Metropolis Vintage 43 3rd Ave NY,NY 10003 (212)-358-0795 and pick one out.  For all the SANTACON revelers out for a good time, a Christmas sweater is a great cheap costume for that all-day drinking binge.  Those bright festive colors mask stains very well.  Below is just a small sample of what we have in stock at our Manhattan Store.  Remember – the early bird gets the best Christmas Sweater.


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