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Vintage VARSITY JACKETS in stock!

VINTAGE VARSITY JACKETS are a cool, casual look for retro fans of any age!  Once reserved for the star athlete, they now appear on everyone from models to Michael Jackson.  We may even have your school if you’re lucky.  Either way, come down to METROPOLIS VINTAGE and find a Varsity or Letterman Jacket that suits you!  We’ve also got a selection on our online ETSY shop which you can check out below!


Vintage Varsity Jackets In Stock In Store

We have a great selection of vintage varsity jackets. If you want to buy these jackets you need to come into the store Metropolis or you can check out our jackets on line HERE. There are all different types of shapes,colors, letters, names, teams and sizes. The varsity jackets are made out of wool and leather. So come by the store and pick one, two or maybe 3. You never know if your grandparents or parents have worn one of the varsitys.


As scene in; “TIMEOUT NEW YORK”

Thank you, Danielle!!!! WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!!
Danielle Phaeton, 19; designer, stylist, Uniqlo employee, model, editor (21-7magazine.com); East New York, Brooklyn”
“As soon as you walk in the door at Metropolis (43 Third Ave between 9th and 10th St; 212-358-0795, metropolisvintageonline.com), you feel like you’re transported to the ’80s—the vibes are good and the clothing is amazing.”
Phaeton purchased this leather orange-and-black varsity jacket at Metropolis